Become a Participating Heat Pump Water Heater Distributor

If you distribute heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) you are encouraged to join the NYS Clean Heat Participating HPWH Distributor network. Distributors in the network are eligible to participate in the NYS Clean Heat HPWH midstream distributor incentive offering.

Please refer to your applicable utility service territory program manual, found on the Resources webpage, for more information on becoming a Participating Distributor.

Note: Through participation in the program, Participating Distributors and HPWH Installers may be subject to utility-specific reviews and/or assessments for the purposes of verifying program measure implementation and acquisition.

For Enrollment-Related Inquiries:

  • Avangrid (NYSEG/RG&E), O&R, and Central Hudson territories, please call (844) 212-7823.
  • National Grid and Con Edison territories please call (617) 440-5468.

How to Enroll

Become a Participating Distributor

Distributors who wish to participate in the Clean Heat HPWH midstream distributor incentive offering are required to submit a HPWH Distributor Participation Agreement with their utility partner.

HPWH Distributor Participation Agreements

  • Avangrid (NYSEG and RG&E) — Coming soon!
  • Central Hudson — Coming soon!
  • Con Edison — Coming soon!
  • National Grid (PDF)
  • Orange & Rockland — Coming soon!

How to Submit Incentive Applications

Step 1. Confirm Project Eligibility

Prior to submission of an incentive application, the Installer of a HPWH must confirm that the customer, site, and proposed HPWH measure qualify for the program, as specified in the listed Eligibility Requirements (see the applicable utility service territory program manual for more details).

Step 2. Install Equipment

HPWH Installers must install equipment associated with HPWH systems according to all applicable codes and standards.

Step 3: Submit HPWH applications

At minimum, all midstream HPWH Participating Distributors are required to submit the following documents as part of the application package:

  • Customer Site Information
  • Lists of Installed Equipment — Specific model, AHRI certificate number and serial number of units sold must be provided
  • Project Cost — Installation cost for the HPWH. Labor and material costs shall be presented separately, and costs shall be limited to the equipment cost and labor cost. Other costs such as taxes, internal labor costs, shipping, administrative costs, or similar costs will not be included with total project cost when calculating incentive caps.
  • NYS Clean Heat HPWH Incentive Application
    • Avangrid (NYSEG and RG&E) — Coming soon!
    • Central Hudson — Coming soon!
    • Con Edison — Coming soon!
    • National Grid — Coming soon!
    • Orange & Rockland — Coming soon!

Following submission, all applicable Clean Heat and midstream add-on rewards for distributors and contractors will be processed.

Step 4. Receive Incentive Payment

The Electric Utilities will pay incentives to the Participating Distributor. Each Distributor may retain up to the Distributor Reward amount. The balance of the Total Incentive less the Contractor Reward must be passed or otherwise credited to the customer in its entirety, as documented in the site owner invoice or contract.