Ground Source Heat Pumps

The smart, long-lasting, and efficient alternative for year-round comfort and savings. Because temperatures remain consistent underground regardless of the air temperature above ground, ground source heat pumps are extremely effective in cold climates like New York.

In addition to generating heat more effectively than oil, propane, or electric baseboards, a ground source heat pump also provides year-round comfort by doubling as your air conditioner in the summer. These high-efficiency heat pump systems can provide 100 percent of your home’s heating and cooling needs with no backup system.

Ground source heat pumps eligible for incentives through NYS Clean Heat meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR® specification. ENERGY STAR® certified systems use 61% less energy than standard models. You can check to ensure the ground source heat pump you are considering is ENERGY STAR® certified or ask your installer for a copy of the spec sheet from the ENERGY STAR® website.

Benefits of a Ground Source Heat Pump

  • Cleaner & Healthier: Unlike oil, propane, and gas, heat pumps don’t require combustion of fossil fuels or fuel storage, eliminating the potential release of carbon monoxide while improving your home’s air quality.
  • Efficient Heating & Cooling: Ground source heat pumps are very energy efficient — they extract more energy than they consume by moving heat stored in the earth into or out of your home — taking advantage of the earth’s stable temperature.
  • Greater Comfort: Heat pumps provide whisper-quiet, even heating and cooling regardless of the season.
  • Convenience & Longevity: Ground source heat pumps last longer than conventional heating and cooling systems and require minimal maintenance. By switching to a heat pump, you’ll eliminate the need for air conditioning. If you currently heat with oil or propane, you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of scheduling fuel deliveries again.

How Do Ground Source Heat Pumps Work?

Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground during cold weather via an underground pipe system, which is then distributed throughout your home. During warmer months, the process is reversed to provide cooling. This system is the most efficient type of heat pump and can provide all of your heating and cooling needs.

Will a Ground Source Heat Pump When It’s Cold Outside?

Yes, even though the weather around us changes throughout the year, the ground underneath stays at a constant temperature year-round. In the winter, when the ground is warmer than your home, the underground pipe system accesses the stored heat and transfers it to the house to warm you up.

Is a Ground Source Heat Pump Right for You?

Ground source heat pumps are best suited for single-family homes with lawn space to accommodate the system. Building a new home or planning a major renovation? There is no better way to build in energy efficiency than from the ground up.

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